Montag, 25. April 2011

John Hayes died in Lompnaz (France)

The it-specialist John Hayes, born in Liverpool, died in Lompnaz, Département Ain (France) on the 24. April 2011, has spent his lifeMany years he was my it-teacher, my friend.

He was highly intelligent, a Computer expert first class. He was helpful, full of character, perhaps too sensitive for this world.

John was not a fair-weather-type, no spin doctors. He was standing in wind and weather on the mat. Center of his life was his familiy - Rosie, Anne-Laure and Cloé. The John now has to leave too early. That makes me angry. Because the best to go early, John was one of the best, a distinctive characters - he went his way.

Graz, 26. April 2011 (Austria)